Today I finally joined all the cool kids on the visual crack site known as Pinterest (thanks to my awesome co-worker for the invite!) and I’m beginning to understand why they say it’s addicting.

There are just so many cool people over there posting pictures of amazing/beautiful/interesting things. I just—can’t—stop—looking—at stuff—and things—OMG! Is there some kind of therapy for this?

I’ve only been a member for a few hours and I’ve already created eight boards! EIGHT! I’m planning to use Pinterest as yet another curation tool to discover and share new things, track my interests, and help feed my blog and Twitter.

Somehow Pinterest (the fastest-growing social network which now nearly equals Twitter and Google in terms of driving referral traffic, by the way), created the secret sauce for success, which seems to taste something like this:

    1. “Pinning” something doesn’t require much effort.
    2. People like making lists. Especially lists about lists.
    3. Especially visual lists about visually-appealing things.
    4. People enjoy coveting pictures of awesome things they’ll never have.
    5. And most importantly: it’s fun!

Pinterest Power Mushroom Social Icon by ShezCrafti

If you’re on Pinterest and want to follow my pins (which you can expect to cover the same type of material I blog/tweet about), here’s where you can find me. Or you could just click the cute little power mushroom over there on the left.