Here’s some totally unsolicited life advice from me to you:

Catching Bubbles

Remember to stop and blow some bubbles every now and then.

By that I mean take some time out to do something that makes you feel like a kid again. Today it’s bubbles, but this could really be a metaphor for anything you loved doing as a kid–coloring, roller skating, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, going for a swing, building a sand castle. Remember how happy you were in those moments? When the only thing that mattered was how much fun you were having?

Every now and then I need to be reminded that there was a time before the pressures of adult life–work, bills, relationships, taxes, politics, health problems–when all I needed to be happy was myself and maybe a fresh box of crayons or a run through the sprinkler. Not having children means I don’t have a built-in excuse for doing silly things like blowing bubbles, but I’ve got plenty of stress and responsibilities, and sometimes I just need to do these things, neighbors who give me funny looks be damned.

Today is one of those days, as the tax deadline is Monday and I’m filing today, like a boss. (Yup, I’m that person.) I’m also sending out positive thoughts to a friend who’s going through a rough time and gearing up to spend my Sunday night working to meet a Monday morning deadline–thank God for DVR. (Sorry Mad Men and Game of Thrones, but I’ll make it up to you.)

These ice cream-scented bubbles (holy crap, there are ice cream-scented bubbles!) are exactly what I needed:

Ice Cream Scented Bubbles

I found these at the grocery store a few weeks ago–two for $3!–and have been waiting for the right time to head out to the backyard and have some fun. Spring has officially arrived in Maryland, which I can always tell by the cherry tree in bloom in my front yard (and the unholy amount of cat hairs I keep finding everywhere). The fresh air and afternoon sun was a perfect backdrop for bubble-blowing, and the slight breeze carried my iridescent, chocolate-scented spheres all across the neighborhood.

Blowing Bubbles

The breeze made taking pictures challenging (picture me blowing bubbles then frantically trying to capture them with my camera before they disappeared or blew too far away), but I kept trying even though I’m no photographer. I’m glad I did, because I was rewarded with some of the loveliest photos I’ve ever taken.

Bubble Wand

Bubbles in the Sunlight

Double Bubble

Sky Bubbles

Have you blown any bubbles lately, metaphorically speaking?