Because I finally broke down and bought an iPad. It is the first Apple product I’ve ever bought.

I haven’t even unboxed the thing yet because I have SO MANY FEELINGS that I need to get out first.


The decision to buy an iPad is something I’ve been weighing since around February when I wrote this post lamenting all the cool iOS-exclusive games I’ve been missing out on simply because I don’t own a device with an Apple logo on it. The Cult of Mac is not something I have ever wished to be a part of (probably never will) and I still hold the belief that there are good and in many cases superior, cheaper alternatives for almost every Apple product that don’t require you to over-commit and have less control.

It’s not that I’m anti-Apple. I’m just pro-me, and two important facets of my digital life are getting the most for my money and having as much freedom and control with my purchases as possible. If money were no object, it’d probably be a different story.

But if there is one thing in this world that will compel me to spend ridiculous amounts of money on expensive tech toys I don’t need but want, it’s platform-exclusive video games. It’s the same thing I went through with Playstation 3, and years before that, Dreamcast.

My wishlist of iOS-exclusive games that I want to play started as an experiment to see how long I could hold off until Applelust won me over. Today I know the answer: 207 days.