Last year a Wegmans store opened up in my town. Unless you live in the North East, you might not be familiar with the chain, but basically it’s like a super-mega-ultra grocery store. Think of a department store, except all groceries and prepared foods. It is a supermarket to rule all other supermarkets.


Within the walls of this mammoth structure you can find every type of food imaginable, strategically organized into smaller store-like departments.There’s the organic food section, which is like a miniature Trader Joe’s; the candy shoppe with its overflowing of bins of bulk sweets; a huge, ridiculous prepared foods section, which is a restaurant-like smörgåsbord of cuisines from around the world; these are just a few examples of Wegmans’ greatness.

However, I don’t typically do my shopping there because, evidently, higher prices are the trade-off for so much awesomeness. Not to mention it’s on the other side of town and I’m lazy. So for me Wegmans is more of an experience; a once-in-a-while type of treat that I’ll occasionally go out of my way for when I’m craving something I can only get from Wegmans–like the scrumptrulescent shrimp in cream sauce from their Asian food bar.

This past weekend I discovered something I hadn’t really noticed before: the International Foods aisle. I soon learned it is a dangerous, dangerous place for me because I walked out of there with more Japanese snacks than I could carry:

Japanese Snacks

There aren’t many places you can buy Pocky and Koala’s March around here. They even had my favorite flavor of Pocky, Almond Crush. I couldn’t resist picking up a few other treats that looked tempting, like Mango-flavored Hi-Chew, Ojo Butter Coconut Cookies (which are made by Kraft?), Kasugai Lychee Gummies, and Meiji Pucca Choco Pretzels, which are adorably shaped like little fish. Why does food taste better when it’s cute?

All I can say is thank goodness this store is such a hassle for me to get to, otherwise this could become a regular habit.