Hostess Going Out of Business

Things are not going well for the pre-processing purveyors of Twinkies and Wonder Bread. Hostess Brands is hemorrhaging money, or as MassLive reports:

Hostess Brands Inc. has warned states nationwide that it may close its operations and lay off all employees this summer.

In Connecticut, the company has notified the state that it may lay off all 187 workers and close its five locations by July 6, including 57 employees at the 23 Thompson Road operation in East Windsor.

Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Court protection from creditors in January. It sent the WARN notices last week to all states where it has operations, employing 18,500 workers, company spokesman Erik Halvorson said.

The notices were “to alert employees that a sale or wind down of the company is possible,” he said.

You know, we can blame a lot of things for why Hostess is bankrupt–economic woes, hiring that annoying Chocolate Rain guy Tay Zonday to sing about chocolate creme-filled Twinkies, Americans who are more health conscious, food products that can potentially survive a Nuclear Holocaust

But let’s get real–it’s because Hostess stopped manufacturing Turtle Pudding Pies.

Turtle Pudding Pies

And now that the company is going under, we may never see the Turtle Pudding Pies comeback that I and millions of other TMNT fans a handful of other fatties have been dreaming about for the past fifteen years, which really is unfortunate considering there’s going to be a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film next year and a new Nick cartoon in a few months.

Hostess, if you’re reading this, the time to act is now!