Meet Oliver Pezzini. He’s an iOS developer with two mobile games to his credit, and president of his own game company, Pezzini Games. He’s also only 17 years old.

This Thursday Pezzini will be releasing his latest creation, His Adventure, a ridiculously cute touch-driven platform game for iOS devices. The object of the game is to use touch commands to guide “Him” (intriguingly, the main character doesn’t seem to have a name) to “his” home through 70+ challenging levels of sharp, spinning saws, moving platforms, and other dangers to reach the goal, all while collecting as many stars as possible. With built-in leaderboards, you can even compete against your friends to see who can collect the most stars. The game’s light, whimsical music is another highlight, and seems to be a perfect match for the adorable hand-drawn visuals that recall the doodles you used to sketch in the margins of your math homework.

Here, have a look & listen:

“I have always been interested in gaming like most teenagers but unlike most was also intrigued by the development and theory behind the designing process of games,” Pezzini states on his website. “After watching many videos and reading articles on the subject I decided to invest in an Apple developer account and get some experience first hand.”

Sadly, I don’t have an iPhone or and iPod Touch, so I won’t be able to play His Adventure anytime soon. But I can’t help but be impressed (a little inspired, even) by what Pezzini has already achieved at such an early age, and what is clearly just the beginning of this young man’s success.

I mean, how many video games did your lazy ass develop when you were in high school?