Going through stuff in my basement, I discovered a box full of old crap I’ve been holding onto for one reason or another. Found a few gems in there, like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles postcard booklet from 1990. I don’t recall if it’s something I bought myself, or was given to me as a gift, but evidently it cost $4.95 at the time.

TMNT Postcard Book

Though I’m quite sure I thought these were the coolest things ever when I was 10 years old (so cool that I felt they were precious enough not to rip out and use) but looking at them now? Not so much.

The artwork is pretty sad. The Turtles look like they need bariatric surgery and everyone is drawn in extremely awkward-looking poses.

It’s so awful you know I just had to scan in all 24 postcards just to share with you. Let’s make fun of them together!

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By the way, sorry to inundate this blog with so many Turtles-related posts lately, but my TMNT fangirlism has been kicked into high gear this week, what with the news of the upcoming Nickelodeon show, live-action film, and documentary.