If there is one good thing about being sick for over a week, it’s having a valid excuse to lay in bed all day and watch crap on Netflix. At this point I’ve exhausted most of my Instant queue, discovered a bunch of really great new (well, new to me) shows thanks to Netflix’s suggestions, and even crowdsourced some additional recommendations on Twitter.

But the one show I’ve enjoyed above all others–which has become something like therapy to me–has been Louie. I was familiar with Louis C.K. as a stand-up comedian, but had never actually watched his FX show until last week when I was holed up in bed with a 102-degree fever, heartbroken, angry, bored, hating life and feeling sorry for myself. As it turns out, this was the perfect storm of emotions for acquainting myself with The Gospel of Louie. (By the way, WHY didn’t anyone tell me how amazing this show is?)

With a failed marriage and now a failed relationship (which actually lasted longer than the former) hovering like black storm clouds on my subconscious–right next to those insecurities about my body and the realization that I’m not getting any younger–combined with all those familiar, everyday annoyances and small, personal defeats, this show–especially Louic C.K’s performance in it–strikes me as one that is genuine, brutally honest, and completely relateable.


I’m not quite THAT jaded and cynical yet, but I’m well on my way.