Most people would probably pick It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown as their go-to animated Halloween special, but for my money Garfield’s Halloween Adventure is where it’s at. That’s not to say I don’t love The Great Pumpkin–it will undoubtedly make an appearance on this Countdown at some point–but Garfield’s Halloween special is my favorite. It’s the one I think of first above all other Halloween specials. Besides–being a lazy wise-ass, Garfield has always been the cartoon character I identify the most with. And also like me, Garfield’s #1 priority when it comes to Halloween is CANDY CANDY CANDY.

Garfield's Halloween - Front

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (aka Garfield in Disguise) was originally released back in 1985 and is available on DVD as part of this three-episode “Garfield Holiday Celebrations” collection (which also includes Garfield’s Thanksgiving and A Garfield Christmas). I was four when I saw this on TV for the first time, and I’ve watched it almost every Halloween since. It’s from a time back when Halloween specials were simple affairs–putting familiar characters in costumes to go trick-or-treating or adding light spooky elements to a well-established formula was all it took. Garfield’s Halloween Adventures does both of these AND it has pirates. And pirates rule.

Garfield Holiday - Scene Selection

Believe it or not, this Halloween special used to scare me when I was little–particularly the part where the old man in the haunted house tells the ghostly pirate story. For some reason he always scared me more than the actual ghosts. In my earliest memories of watching this special, I can recall feeling utter despair when Garfield begins to sink into the river. Like whoa, dude, I really thought he was going to drown! (Shut up, I was four.) And then good ‘ol Odie saves the day and all is right with the world again (oh, sorry, did I spoil it?).

Garfield DVD - Back Cover

I’m not ashamed to admit I still know all of the words to each of the songs in this special and I sing along whenever I watch it. I have also been known, on occasion, to wear a lampshade on my head while using the bare light bulb as my microphone. (From what I understand, this is totally acceptable behavior when you live alone.)

But the one thing I’m not is a scaredy cat.


Spooky Screencaps

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Titles

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Pumpkin Head

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Garfield Scares Odie

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Odie's Costume

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Costumes

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Vampire Bat

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Big Fat Halloween Cat

Orange Beard and First Mate Odie

Trick or Treating

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Monster

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Ghost

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - How Cute

Candy Candy Candy


Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Haunted House

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Old Man

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Hiding

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Pirate Ghosts

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - All Washed Up

Garfield's Halloween Adventure - Pirate Marathon

What is 31 DVDs of Halloween?

As a spe­cial fea­ture for the Hal­loween Count­down, I’m show­cas­ing 31 Hal­loween DVDs from my per­sonal col­lec­tion. I have a lot of Halloween-related and hor­ror DVDs in gen­eral, but for this year’s count­down I’m only going to focus on my absolute favorites–the ones I con­sider 100% essen­tial for my enjoy­ment of the holiday.