Frog and Toad Movie

My five year old self smiled today when I heard The Jim Henson Company is bringing one of my favorite series of books from childhood, Frog and Toad, to the big screen in the form of an animated feature film.

From the press release:

The Jim Henson Company has acquired rights to the beloved children’s books FROG AND TOAD and is developing an animated feature film. Written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel in the 1970s each of the four FROG AND TOAD books include five short stories chronicling the exploits of a frog and his friend, a toad, simply named Frog and Toad.

Lisa Henson will produce for The Jim Henson Company. Adam Lobel and Adrianne Lobel will executive produce. Craig Bartlett (“Dinosaur Train” and “Hey Arnold!”) will write the screenplay and Cory Edwards (“Hoodwinked”) is attached to direct.

I fondly recall rainy days at my grandmother’s house curled up on her bed with Frog and Toad books. One of my favorite stories was Frog and Toad Together, the one where they eat too many cookies (pictured above) and have to learn to use their willpower to stop eating before they get sick. You’d think reading a story like that at such a young age would have instilled me with some better eating habits, but nope. I still eat way too many cookies.

Speaking of Frog and Toad and cookies, someone from the internets made these adorable things that I’m sharing just because:

Frog and Toad Cookies