It’s tomorrow, people! So I hope all your affairs are in order, all your meat closets are stocked, you’ve spent quality time with loved ones, and most importantly, you’re all caught up on your favorite TV shows. It would’ve really sucked to die a fiery death without knowing whether or not Maggie and Glenn ever made it out of the Governor’s camp alive.

One of the best Christmas gifts I got last year was this 2012 page-a-day Doomsday countdown calendar from my boyfriend:

Doomsday 2012 Calendar

Like the Jelly of the Month Club, it’s a gift that has kept on giving the whole year. I’ve looked forward each and every day to Armageddon preparedness tips, apocalyptic movie and music recommendations, popular end-of-days scenario predictions, things to do before you die, failed Doomsday prophecies (I assume they included those to keep my spirits up), and all kinds of other apocalyptic fun.

I’m proud of myself for having successfully resisted all temptation this year to sneak a peek at what the calendar says for December 21st and beyond, so tomorrow will be quite a big day for me, assuming, of course, I’ll still be alive to tear that page off.

Doomsday Reminder - December 20th

Today’s entry was especially poignant. I’ll type it here in case it’s too hard to read in the above pic:

The Day Before The Day Before The Day After

Big day tomorrow.
Rest up, drink plenty of fluids.

Pick out your clothes carefully–
you may be wearing them for quite some time.

Also, set up your coffee machine tonight–
you’d hate to be fumbling with beans and grinders
when Armageddon comes.

You see what I mean? That’s the kind of practical wisdom this calendar is full of.