Friday LulzI’m leaving for the beach in approximately 15 hours from now, which means it’s pretty hard to concentrate on work today.

And here’s how awesome my co-worker is: knowing that I’m leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow, he sent me a link to this article about a series of random shark attacks that happened there just yesterday. Because he’s a swell guy.

My goal for today’s lulz is to not be terrified when I go swimming tomorrow.

It’s a Shark…Eating Puppies. Yup.

Pretty much the best picture you will see today:


By the way, it occurs to me just now that you may have thought I meant “shark-eating puppies,” as in puppies who eat sharks, which would certainly be an awesome thing to see. Sorry to disappoint. This is the closest thing I could find:

Puppy in a Shark Costume

Holy Sardine, Batman!

Shawn over at one my favorite blogs Branded in the 80s sent me this Batastic clip today in response to my question about why there isn’t such a thing as spray-on shark repellent.


He also gave me this great idea:

Baby Toss

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

Better than Jaws, IMO.


Hurrr I’m a shark.


Ball Pit Shark

Fuck You Shark, You Are Drunk!

Space Shark

Land Shark