Friday Lulz

This is one of those rare weekends that I’m actually not looking forward to. I’ll be busting my ass all day Saturday helping my sister move, working all day Sunday, and hating life for not having time to go see Prometheus.

Today’s batch of lulz are my coping mechanism.

Raphael is Gangsta

I’ve been meaning to post these for quite a while. I don’t even care that they’re over four years old, this shit is gold. Besides, Raphael is fucking badass and he’s my favorite Turtle. This belongs on my blog.


Don’t miss Part 2 and Part 3 either.

Fresh Young Balki B

Balki Bartokomous is gangsta too.


‘Game of Thrones’ Theme + Squeaky Toys

It’s UNPOSSIBLE not to giggle at this. Wins the prize for creativity, as well as my heart.


59 Minutes of Circus Afro

I’ve only been able to make it through two.


‘The Lost Boys’ Sax Man Scene Remixed

This is what Michael was really staring at.


Name 10 Things that Aren’t Skrillex

Yeah, I know, I’ve posted this before but it’s fucking great.