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FRACT Synthesizer Adventure Game

If there was ever a game considered right up my alley, this might be it. This awesome-looking game from indie developer Phosfiend Systems fuses sweet synth music with classic point-and-click style adventure gaming. As if this didn’t already sound amazing enough, lead developer Richard Flanagan describes it as “Rez meets TRON.”

FRACT is a first person adventure game for Windows & Mac much in the vein of the Myst titles, but with an electro twist. Gameplay boils down to three core activities: Explore, Rebuild, Create. The player is let loose into an abstract world built on sound and structures inspired by electronic music. It’s left to the player to explore the environment to find clues to resurrect and revive the long-forgotten machinery of this musical world, in order to unlock its’ inner workings. Drawing inspiration from Myst, Rez and Tron, the game is also influenced by graphic design, data visualization, electronic music and analog culture.


Check out this demo video:


The game is being further developed for release sometime in 2012. An older, playable prototype of FRACT is available for download for both Win and Mac; you can get it here.