The League — My weekly assignments from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers.

Obligatory Lists — Because every blog has them.

Movie Montage Monday — Every Monday a new theme and a new collection of movie montages.

10 Things I Learned From… — Reviews of shitty ’80s music videos in the form of a list of ten useless things they taught me.

Friday Lulz — A round-up of funny shit from around the interwebz posted on a semi-regular basis but always on a Friday.

Indie Games Radar — New and upcoming indie games I’m excited about.

YouTube Experiments — Sometimes I make stupid videos and put them up on YouTube.

2 Things — A spotlight on two cool things I love, why I love them, and what they have in common.

Album Art Porn — In which I randomly pick an album to listen to and review based solely on its cover art.

Movie Quote News — Geeky news and links served up with a side of related movie quotes.