Yet another awesome KickStarter project that just makes me want to start throwing money at the computer screen:

Fairy Quest Outlaws

Fairy Quest: Outlaws is the first book of the Fablewood saga, a long-term project and collaboration between renown comic industry veterans Humberto Ramos and Paul Jenkins, the creative team behind Marvel Comics’ Spectacular Spider-Man and Peter Parker: Spider-Man, and Revelations. The pair describes their work on Fairy Quest as “a labor of love.”

The book first appeared as a limited edition hardbound run in 2011 and immediately sold out of its 1000-copy print run after just two convention appearances. The creators have taken to KickStarter to self-publish and raise funding for a second print run, in the form of this beautifully bound hardcover edition:

Fairy Quest Comic Hardcover Book

Backers who pledge $30 or more will receive the book, but for $40 you’ll get a signed and numbered copy. The visuals in this book are absolutely gorgeous. Ramo’s amazing artwork leaps off the page with Leonardo Olea’s brilliant coloring. To see more, check out this 6-page preview.

What is Fairy Quest?

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Fairy Quest, here’s a snippet from Comic Book Resources’ recent interview with creator Humberto Ramos:

“Fairy Quest: Outlaws is the first of four books that tells the story of the Fablewood Kingdom, a place where all the fairy tale stories exist for one sole purpose: to tell their story. Every day they have to go to “work” and replay the stories every mom or dad read to their kids at bedtime. Life is quiet and simple if you follow this simple command: “Do not deviate.”

But well, things are about to get shaken up a little in Fablewood because some of the inhabitants aren’t happy anymore following the rules. Take Little Red and Mr. Woof, who both decide they wanted to stop being enemies and become friends; not a big deal, right? Everybody wants to have a true friend for like, but in Fablewood this is a problem… a big one.

So suddenly Little Red and Mr. Woof turn from the most dearest of Fablewood’s inhabitants to dangerous outlaws, and they find out the only way to keep their treasured friendship is to leave the kingdom.

That’s where their journey begins.”

(via CBR)

This makes the third KickStarter project in as many months that I’ve pledged. Can this be considered an addiction?