Cheddar Melt

“Go for the burger that goes all out for flavor–Cheddar Melt: our 1/4 lb. all-beef patty topped with the bold taste of grilled onions and real cheddar cheese sauce piled high on a toasted light rye bun. ”


For some people, its the McRib or the Arch Deluxe; maybe even the McDLT, which was really just a packaging gimmick. My Holy McGrail is the Cheddar Melt, McDonald’s short-lived version of the classic patty melt sandwich.

The Cheddar Melt made its debut in 1998 and only lasted a short while, then later resurfaced in the 90s which is when it became my go-to McDonald’s sandwich, even over the Quarter Pounder. Supposedly it also made a brief comeback in 2004, but I somehow completely missed it. Like the mythical Asian Salad or Holiday Pies, the Cheddar Melt drifts in and out of the McMenuverse according to some unknowable ebb and flow of McMarketing spacetime. (I’m really just trying to see how many McWords I can stuff in this post.)

The combination of beef, melty cheese, fried onions and toasty rye is a magical one. I don’t know why McDonald’s introduces awesome things only to take them away, seemingly right at the point when they become familiar fixtures of the McMenu.

You know what sucks? A food craving you can never satisfy because the food product you are craving doesn’t exist anymore. I got 99 first world problems and this sandwich is one.