Sometimes you find things on the internet that are so insanely cool. This is not one of those things.


It comes from a 1984 direct-to-VHS special hosted by Rick Dees called “Dazzle Dancin” that makes Sweatin’ to the Oldies look amazing by comparison.

YouTuber Smashism says he found a copy at a video store liquidation for $1. I think we can all agree it was the best dollar he ever spent. My only complaint is that he only uploaded seven minutes and forty-three seconds of it.

Hilariously, the product description for this VHS can be found on Amazon, and there’s even a couple of used copies for sale:

Dazzle Dancin features the real stars from today’s hottest movies, videos, and records…featuring original music composed and performed by Tommy Faragher of “Staying Alive,” a special appearance by Marine Jahan, the sensuous dancer who put the flash into “Flashdance,” and with America’s no. 1 radio and TV personality, Rick Dees. So step out with Dazzle Dancin and learn how the music of the 80’s is moving people like they’ve never been moved before!

Remember kids: believe it or not, you don’t have to be hot, just give it a shot.