Day One

The latest point-and-click adventure by Pendulo Studios is a mature, satirical game (par for the course with this studio’s titles) that centers around a terminally-ill man, Ethan, who goes to the doctor and learns that he’ll be dead by the end of the day. When he returns home, he finds a capsule and this mysterious note:

“This will keep you alive 24 extra hours. Come to Paris for more. We’ll find you.”

Color me intrigued.

Pendulo Studios, best known for the Runaway series, The Next Big Thing and their latest contribution to adventure gaming,Yesterday, have announced that they are working on a new project called Day One, which sees players taking on the role of a terminally ill man dealing with some serious life-threatening issues. Even more-so than his terminal illness. The game follows journalist Ethan who has less than a day to live. After he gets home he finds a pill and a note telling him that the pill will extend his life for an additional 24 hours and that he needs to head to Paris immediately


Pendulo Studios says Day One will feature “a thrilling plot in a comic adventure game – but not your typical lighthearted one. We want to create a sarcastic comedy, funny and adult at the same time.”

That’s definitely apparent in the trailer:


Support Day One

Here’s the thing, though: Pendulo Studios needs your support to make this game happen. Day One is being crowdfunded on the new, European-based Kickstarter-like crowdfunding platform Gamesplanet Lab. To get a DRM-free downloadable copy of the game, you’ll need to contribute €12 (about $15 USD). I’ve played most of Pendulo Studio’s games, including the Runaway series on Nintendo DS, and will vouch for their awesomeness. If you want Day One to happen, please consider supporting the project on Gamesplanet Lab.