Countdown to Halloween

It is now past midnight on the first of October, which means the Countdown to Halloween has officially started! As if on cue, the fall weather has arrived here in northern Maryland almost overnight; I had to put on a sweatshirt today from the chill. Last night I got my first whiff of that unmistakable scent that’s in the air this time of year–something like burning embers, dead leaves and damp earth. I wish I could bottle that scent.

The Countdown

You may have already seen a couple of Halloween-related posts around here, but those were just a warm up. From here on out until October 31st, there’ll be at least one Halloween-themed post from me each day. The Countdown is, after all, a month-long Halloween blogging challenge. There’ll still be plenty of non-Halloween posts, too, because not even my favorite holiday can completely derail me from my typical geeky repertoire–and I fully expect there to be a good amount of overlap between my interests.

I’ve got a lot of great Halloween ideas, to-do’s, fun-tivities (a word I totally just made up!) reviews, lists, and other cool things I want to show you. The challenge now is to find the time to write about them all (and in some cases get creative and make stuff) in what is already a very busy month for me. To be quite honest, I’m a little nervous about the commitment, as this is the first marathon blogging challenge I’ve ever taken on. On the other hand, I’m also really looking forward to see what my fellow Cryptkeepers will be posting during the Countdown–especially those of you in The League–and I’m thankful for the camaraderie and shared challenge, which should help to keep us all motivated and in the Halloween spirit.

I’m ready, October. Bring it on!

This Is Halloween

Because I can’t think of a more appropriate song to kick off the season.


P.S. – 31 Days ‘Til Halloween

31 days 'til Halloween!