The Stuff of Legend

Deadline is reporting that Disney has just picked up The Stuff of Legend, a comic miniseries produced by Th3rd World Studios.

Disney has just made a pre-emptive pitch deal for Stuff Of Legend, with Pete Candeland attached to direct and Abduction‘s Shawn Christensen writing the script. The intention is to make a live-action film set in a CGI world, like Alice In Wonderland.

(Source: Deadline)

I’m not familiar with The Stuff of Legend, but it’s being described as Toy Story meets The Chronicles of Narnia, mostly because of its World War II setting. Here’s the official synopsis:

The year is 1944. An allied force advances along a war-torn beach in a strange land, outnumbered and far from home. Together, they fight the greatest evil they have ever known. Never ending waves of exotic enemies come crashing down on them, but they will not rest. Thousands of miles away, the world is on the brink of destruction. But here in a child’s bedroom in Brooklyn, our heroes, a small group of toys loyal to their human master, fight an unseen war to save him from every child’s worst nightmare.

Led by the toy soldier known as the Colonel and the boy’s faithful teddy-bear named Max, the toys enter the realm known as The Dark. There they will face off against the Boogeyman and his army– a legion of the boy’s forgotten, bitter toys. Fighting to survive insurmountable odds, the toys will discover this is a battle not only for the soul of a child, but for their own as well…

As a fan of dark, dream-like fantasy stories like Fairy Quest and The Brothers Lionheart that revolve around children, The Stuff of Legend looks right up my alley.