From the “Why Hasn’t Anybody Thought of this Before?” department…

Typing on video game consoles is usually a huge pain in the ass. Circboard is a new on-screen keyboard concept that wants to make your life easier. Typically, on-screen keyboards, like one 360 or PS3, try to emulate a QWERTY keyboard, and the process of “typing” involves a lot of visual hunt and peck. And it’s slooooooooow.

Watch the CircBoard Demo:

CircBoard’s concept is simple, yet brilliant. I like that its developers adapted typing to gaming, not the other way around. CircBoard’s method of typing is more native to how controllers function, and seems like it would be easy to learn. I could see typing with CircBoard easily becoming second nature—like which spell combinations I cast in Oblivion.

Why not just buy a USB keyboard, you say? Well, for one thing, I’d prefer not to have extra gaming peripherals cluttering up my living room. Two, I’m a fan of things that just work, and CircBoard seems like an elegant solution to a common annoyance. It would make YouTube surfing from my couch a helluva lot easier.

I hope one day soon to see a solution like CircBoard on my next-gen console!