I didn’t really make a deliberate effort to go out shopping on Black Friday, but was dragged out of my cave by my older sister and sometime in the afternoon we wound up at my local Target. I figured while I was there I might as well try to make the most of it, so naturally I gravitated toward the toy aisle in search of Ninja Turtle stuff, but as I mentioned on Twitter, that ended up being a bust.

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On the bright side, it warms my heart to see empty pegs of TMNT toys, especially next to all those other (still quite fully-stocked) shelves of action figures. It means they’re selling well, the kids are loving them, and best of all, we’ll get more.

My trip to Target was not a total waste, however. I scored a copy of the Ultimate Turtles Fan Book for $4.99, something I’ve been trying to hunt down for months. It was the last one on the shelf. (I know, I could have just ordered one from Amazon, but what’s the fun in that?) The book has a ton of great-looking posters, a few activities, and over 50 stickers.

Here are some photos of the pages:

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Fan Book

Inside Front Cover






Word Search

The “Chuck This Out!” poster of Michelangelo has to be my favorite. Not only is that a great pun, but I find the orange and purple color scheme strangely appealing.

Chuck This Out!

April O'Neil

Beat This!

Lean, Mean & Green!

The Kraang

TMNT Stickers

This Is Epic!


It's Go Time!

There’s more, but the rest of the pages are pieces of a larger poster that you’d have to rip out and piece together to assemble, which I’d rather not do.

For $1.99, I also couldn’t pass up this roll of TMNT gift wrap. Actually, I’m kind of a gift wrap hoarder. I have an area in my basement that’s full of vintage wrapping paper, printed boxes, gift tags, etc. and I love to get creative with it. I can’t wait to have an excuse to use this on someone’s gift.

Nickelodeon TMNT Gift Wrap

TMNT Gift Wrap