Blank Dice

Every single day, I have the same exact discussion with my co-worker:

One of us: “What do you wanna do for lunch today?”

The other: “I dunno. What do you wanna do for lunch today?”

And so it goes, back and forth a few times until we eventually settle on one of the three or four places we always order from anyway.

Today, however, my world was changed she she casually suggested, “We need dice.”

Lunch dice?! Brilliant!

Why waste time quibbling over what to order for lunch if you could just roll the dice and let fate decide? Naturally I wasted no time Googling to see if such a thing already existed; surely this can’t be an original idea. The closest thing I could find, however, are these ultra-lame “dinner dice” that are meant to help you decide what to cook but overwhelm and confuse you with choices (Really? There’s an “omnivore” set?). This wouldn’t do.

Blank dice. That’s what we needed.

Blank dice that you can write on with dry erase markers and wipe off? Even better. Who knew I’d go shopping at an educational product store today? I ordered a set of these little beauties post-haste so that we’ll never have to agonize over Season’s Pizzeria or Pat’s Pizzeria again.

But why stop there?


Just think of all the life problems you could potentially solve with blank dice. My mind is already a whirlwind of possibilities.

  • Which Karate Kid movie should I watch again for the hundredth time?
  • What video game, of the ten I just bought, should I play first?
  • Which bill should I skip paying this month?
  • What sexual position should we try?
  • Which Ninja Turtles t-shirt should I wear today?
  • What pointless thing should I blog about next?