As I was saying in my last post, yesterday I was dragged out into the Black Friday madness by my sister. Shopping definitely qualifies as one of my least favorite activities, let alone shopping on one of the busiest days of the year when there’s a real possibility of being trampled to death. It’s also dangerous for me to go shopping without a pre-defined plan or any sense of budget because what usually happens is I get bored and start actively looking for crap to waste money on, almost as if I’m trying to justify my being there. I know, it’s unhealthy.

So while trapped at Target, as my sister trolled the shoe and clothing aisles, I went off in search of TMNT stuff. But along the way I passed by a few weird/cool/stupid things that took a lot of will power not to buy. Here are three Black Friday impulse buys I’m proud of myself for resisting:

#1 – Awkward Family Photos: The Board Game (Wtf?)

Awkward Family Photos: The Board Game

What the hell? The Awkward Family Photos blog has a board game out? When did this happen?? I guess nowadays anything can be a board game, and internet pop culture is ripe for the picking. I’m not even really sure what the object of this game is supposed to be, but my guess is something that involves wearing hideous matching outfits and yelling at your dad to stop drinking so much. What’s next? A board game version of We Have Lasers?*

*Actually that’d be kind of awesome.

#2 – Saved by the T-shirt.

Kelly Kapowski!

As much as I love Saved by the Bell and the idea of proudly displaying said love for Saved by the Bell on a t-shirt, I decided against wearing Kelly Kapowski. I mean, that’d be kind of gay, right? Where the hell is the Zack Morris t-shirt?

#3 – Darth Paper Strikes Back & other cool books I had no idea existed.

Darth Paper Strikes Back!

These caught my eye for obvious reasons, but I had never heard of them before. I love the papercrafty play-on-words and the design of the Star Wars characters which kind of protrude from the front cover. I know they’re children’s books, but has anyone out there actually read them? Would you recommend them? (For someone who’s 31 going on 12?)

Jesus I need to get out more.