When the zombie apocalypse happens–and it will–you’re going to need a good set of playing cards to pass the time with other survivors.

I suggest Bicycle Zombie Playing Cards:

Deck of Bicycle Zombie Playing Cards

You really can’t go wrong with Bicycles. They’ve been making these cards since 1885. You think a little thing like the zombie apocalypse is going to stop them?

Back of Zombie Cards Box

I picked these up in Walgreens the other day for just $3. With priceless zombie survival tips printed on every card, this deck has already paid for itself.

Zombie Playing Cards

The face cards for every suit feature different-looking zombies. Clubs are a sickly flesh color, clearly in the early stages of decay. Hearts are a pale, icy blue–perhaps these are cold-weather zombies? Diamonds are a putrid yellow reminiscent of puss. Finally, Spade zombies are a classic grayish-green.

Zombie Face Cards

The Joker card pays homage to the original, with a zombified King rising from his grave marked 808. Nice touch.

Zombie Joker Card

The backs of the cards feature a bloody take on the zombie King theme, with rotting hands stretching into the four corners.

Card Backs

I’ve already stashed these away in my survival kit. If you’re lucky enough to end up in my group of survivors, you won’t be without entertainment.