As you know, I’m recovering from the flu (among other things) which means I haven’t gotten around to posting about any of my cool Christmas gifts, or thanking everyone I need to thank. If you sent me a package, rest assured it’s on my to-do list to post about it here, and also know that you helped bring a smile to my face in what has otherwise been a pretty joyless holiday.

First up–my Dork Horde Secret Santa gift! This was the first year The Dork Horde did a Christmas gift exchange and it seems everyone is pretty happy with the way it turned out. I know I am. My Secret Santa was Kevin from Team Hellions, who I don’t believe for a moment actually wrapped these gifts himself:

Dork Horde Secret Santa Gifts

I mean, LOOK AT THEM! Was this your wife’s doing, Kevin? These gifts are far too pretty to have been wrapped by a man. So pretty, in fact, that I’ll forgive you for spelling my name wrong.

Spelling fail!

I always go for the biggest gift first because that’s just that kind of person I am. Inside was the newest addition to my collection of Nick Turtles toys…Fishface! We haven’t seen much of Fishface in the new show yet (outside of his human form Xever), but that hasn’t stopped this figure from disappearing from toy shelves in practically every store I’ve been to. I was beyond thrilled to get him as my Secret Santa gift and he’ll look perfect standing next to Dogpound with those crazy mechanical legs of his. That should be a fun episode…


Inside the smaller package was this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ready-to-Read book from the 4Kids show era. This one is called “Comic Book Heroes,” and the story centers around Michaelangelo and Casey Jones on an adventure to track down the last issue of Mikey’s favorite comic, Justice Force. Do I care that this is meant for five-year-olds? No, no I do not.

Comic Book Heroes

Last but not least, Kevin also included a drawing of my favorite turtle, Raphael. I’m starting to amass quite a nice little collection of TMNT pictures hand-drawn by my blogging friends. You know this is getting framed, right?

Raphael Drawing