MLP Fighting Game

Never, ever underestimate the ingenuity and dedication of Bronies when it comes to their My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. A couple of them decided a My Little Pony fighting game needed to exist and have gotten together to make it happen.

“Fan-made” games, while cool, are usually ambitious concepts with sloppy, amateurish execution because nobody pays these people to make this stuff, and obviously they don’t own the rights to the content. But that’s definitely not the case with Fighting is Magic. These Bronies are fighting game fans who actually know what they’re doing and have recruited a team of skilled programmers, animators, musicians and voice talents to produce what looks like a professional-quality game you’d actually want to spend money on. Damn shame they can’t accept any for all this hard work, because I’d gladly toss some their way.

Check it out:


Who are the guys behind such awesomeness? A development team called Mane6. From their FAQ page:

Truly, we’re just a group of bronies who thought “Wouldn’t it be a cool if somebody made a MLP fighting game?”

It doesn’t say this in the FAQ, but the answer is obviously a huge FUCK YES!

Unfortunately, as Kotaku reports, Mane6 was recently burned by a member of their own team who leaked an unfinished EVO build of the game on the internet. The team is still moving ahead with development, but being a lot more secure and secretive about it now.

To the douchebag who leaked the game, I offer this:

Fluttershy is Not Amused