Just a quick update to let you guys know I’ll be away this weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding, and therefore posts around here will be a little thin. However, through the magic of WordPress’s “Schedule Post” function, the 31 DVDs of Halloween countdown will continue as planned–I just may not be around to respond to all those comments I know you’re just dying to leave. I’m a bridesmaid, so I kind of have to go.

I have three thoughts about this wedding:

  1. I’m so, SO happy for my cousin, who I know is going to be a stunningly gorgeous bride, and honored to be a part of her special day (and other sentiments that sound like they were written on a Hallmark card).
  2. I am terrified about having to wear a frilly purple dress and high heels. I really hope I don’t fuck this up.
  3. Because I love my cousin so much, I will forgive her for making me miss Nick’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this Saturday morning.

I also want to take this opportunity to congratulate fellow Leaguer Kevin Hellions, who is also getting married tomorrow.

Love is in the air. And stuff.