Such a badass.

The news that we’ll be getting a new live-action TMNT film for Christmas in 2013 has totally put me in Obsessive TMNT Fangirl mode this week now that there’s like an actual release date to look forward to.

Though the film will be yet another reboot of the TMNT origin story (sigh), I’m still stupid excited about it because OMFG NINJA TURTLES!

The possibilities of what the next TMNT film could be got me thinking yesterday about how much I’d love to see a TMNT movie starring just Raphael, my all time favorite turtle.

Since that will probably never happen, I had to resort to the next best thing: creating a badass Raphael fan video.


For the music, I settled on Hysteria by Muse. It ended up working really well for both the lyrics and the mood I was going for. And because I like to pretend I live in a world where the embarrassment that is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III was never made, I only used clips from the first two Turtles films.

It’s a tribute to all the things Raph does best: brooding, mouthing off and kicking ass. Hope you like it!