Adventures in Pixels - Ben Landis

If you enjoy chiptunes music–and ever spent hours on end crawling dungeons and slaying 8-bit dragons–then you’ll want to check out Adventures in Pixels by songwriter and musician Ben Landis.

It’s an album full of delightful chiptunes accompanied by a comic of original artwork that illustrates each song with added humor that only gamers can appreciate.

Here’s a sampling of just one of the 20 tracks:

[iframe width=”400″ height=”100″ style=”position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; height: 100px;” src=”” allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″><a href=””>Chickens (going &quot;peck peck peck&quot;) by Ben Landis</a>]


With song titles like “Terrible Tarantuloid” and “Mayhem in the Village”, Adventures in Pixels harkens back to simpler times when we spent our days traversing vast pixel maps and gaining XP one randomly generated encounter at a time.

Many of the tracks sound like they could have come straight out of your favorite old school RPG. For example, “Voices of Experience” is one of my favorites. With its arrangement of soothing strings and whimsical flute, the first half reminds me of the Forest music from Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Adventures in Pixels is available to download for free from Ben Landis’ website through April 9. If you enjoy Ben’s music and want to support his work, you can also name your price to purchase the album. The full album is also available on Spotify.