The Hit Squad

Back in April I wrote about The Hit Squad, an upcoming animated comedy film I helped crowdfund on Indiegogo. Created by The Super Pixel Brothers duo of Chris Blundell and Jordan Fuller, The Hit Squad will be the world’s first feature-length 8bit film. Oh and did I mention it’s about a washed-up 80’s rock band? If there was ever a perfect marriage of my interests, it is this project. I’ve been excitedly following its progress and even submitted a photo of myself to be rendered as an 8bit background character in the movie. It’s not exactly the way I always imagined my movie career would begin, but I can’t wait to see pixellated me.

Yesterday the official first teaser was released:


Roddy Stones and his band ‘The Hit Squad’ were the worlds biggest band in the 80s, now they’re in 2012 they have run out of money, dignity and cocaine. They haven’t released a hit record in years. The world has moved on and the corporate Scourge Studios are going to buy The Hit Squad’s studio unless the band can raise $1 Million within a week.

The Hit Squad is due out in 2013. You can pre-order it here.