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Comic Book Men - New Show on AMC has a good round-up of 5 new(ish) TV shows that comic book geeks would probably enjoy.

The holiday season is over, which means the Charlie Brown Christmas specials are done, and new episodes of returning shows and midseason replacements are starting. Of course among returning TV shows, comic book fans have The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, and The Walking Dead.

However, the exciting news is that there are several brand new midseason shows that should be of interest to comic book fans. Here’s our list of the top new TV shows for comic book fans.


Here’s what’s on the list:

  • Napoleon Dynamite (premiered Jan. 15 )The quirky animated comedy series based on the popular movie, voiced by the original film’s actors.
  • Celebrity Apprentice (premiers Feb. 12) — Why is this on the list? Mainly because this season stars Lour Ferrigno & George Takei.
  • The River (premieres tonight/Feb. 7)A new paranormal/horror adventure-ish series that takes place along the Amazon
  • Comic Book Men ( premieres Feb. 12) — Another new AMC show, produced by Kevin Smith. Must-see TV for comic book fans.
  • Alcatraz (premiered Jan. 16) — This JJ Abrams & Jorge Garcia “Lost-esque” show is based on the disappearances of over 300 inmates and 40 guards, and government cover-ups surrounding the mysterious prison. Looks awesome, but I haven’t had the chance to see it yet.

I’d also add to this list Touch, the new supernatural show on Fox that stars Kiefer Sutherland. It premiered on Jan. 25 as a “special preview” and will begin regularly on March 19.

Are you watching or do you plan to catch any of these? I want to know your thoughts about them.