On one hand, I think I should be given a pat on the back for making such a glorious return to form after being absent from these weekly League assignments for at least a couple of months now. On the other hand, this was such an easy post to do because I basically just recycled my 21 Red-iculous, Random Things About Me post, so I should lose a couple of points for laziness. On the other other hand (because some people have three), it’s also lazy that this week’s assignment is just the word “blue”. Just sayin.’

In the spirt of this week’s photo challenge, I tried to come up with some really clever word-play around the word “blue”, like blue-tiful, blue-some, etc. before finally coming up with “blue-kakke” only to reject it because I’m filing it away in case I ever need the perfect name for a Smurf porn parody. So instead I give you…

21 Boringly Blue Things
(You Might Not Know) About Me

Blue Things About Me


My one regret while putting this together is that I no longer have my cassingle of Debbie Gibson’s “Out of the Blue.” It would have been the piece de resistance of this entire collage.

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Yeah, I know that was cheesy. Embrace it. Wondering what this is all about? This week The League of Extraordinary Bloggers issued a photo challenge: “I’m feeling blue.” Here’s some of the blue stuff and things my fellow Leaguers posted:

*more links coming soon*