I was cruising around on Etsy today (as I often tend to do when I have money burning a hole in my pocket) and came across some pretty awesome handmade creations inspired by the greatest 80’s fantasy film, Labyrinth. Below is a sampling of the most interesting items I could find, which range from cute to creepy.

Now hurry up, because you’ve only got 13 hours left to solve the labyrinth.

Custom ‘Jareth’ Doll

Sure it’s a little creepy, but kinda cute at the same time. At least CavingInn managed to get the size of David Bowie’s package correct, which I’m sure is the primary reason why someone would purchase this one-of-a-kind Jareth doll in the first place. Er—that is, from what I hear.

Custom OOAK Jareth Doll inspired by Labyrinth

“You have no power over me!” Framed Artwork

With this framed typography quote from BearAndRobot, you’ll never have trouble remembering this line again.

You Have No Power Over Me framed print inspired by Labyrinth

‘Sarah’ Costume

Sarah was rocking the puffy shirt long before Seinfeld. FaerySpellCreations made this billowy custom blouse and vest inspired by Sarah’s outfit in the film. I recommend pairing it with jeans and cheap plastic jewelry to get the full effect.

Sarah's Shirt Vest Costume inspired by Labyrinth

Adorable Stuffed ‘Ludo’

This little guy is a handmade creation of felt and fur by Peludossa, who somehow managed to make Ludo even more adorable than he already is.


Plush OOAK Handmade Ludo inspired by Labyrinth

Hand Sewn ‘Wild Gang’ Plush

With one of these hand sewn fire goblins by Peludossa, you can “chilly down with the Wild Gang” (whatever the hell that means) until you remember you’ve got a baby brother to save. Sadly, the stuffed version doesn’t have a removable head.

Wild Gang Firey Plush inspired by Labyrinth

‘Junk Lady’ Handmade Art Doll

The Junk Lady was one of the coolest goblins in the film, and happens to also be one of the coolest items on this list. For $100, JunkPunkshop will handcraft an original, one-of-a-kind goblin hag made of polymer clay who carries around all sorts of miscellaneous household objects on her back.

Junk Lady OOAK Art Doll inspired by Labyrinth

‘Jareth’ Pendant & Masquerade Pin

There’s such a sad love deep in David Bowie’s heavily lined and mascara’d eyes… These beautiful jewelry pieces by TheBlackEmporium were inspired by the film’s dreamy masquerade scene.

Jareth Masquerade Pendant inspired by Labyrinth

‘Hoggle’ Doll Knit Pattern

Knit your own vertically-challenged, anti-social goblin companion with one of AprilDraven’s Hoggle knitting patterns. This one won’t try to poison you or pee in your fountain.

Hoggle Knit Doll Pattern inspired by Labyrinth

“‘Ello!” Worm Handmade Ring

Now here’s a Labyrinth worm accessory that’s more to scale. With this adorable handmade, hand painted ring from ArtByAelia, you can literally wrap Labyrinth’s cutest character around your little finger.

Ello Worm Handmade Sculpted Ring inspired by Labyrinth

Disenchanted ‘Door Knocker’ Pin

Knock and the door will open! (Provided you haven’t pissed it off.) Be a wonderful conversational companion with this hand sculpted goblin pin from froudian artist Trollflings.

Door Knocker Sculpture inspired by Labyrinth

‘Magic Dance’ Cat Colllar

What’s more fun than watching Labyrinth? Watching Labyrinth while humiliating your cat. You and kitty can dance magic dance in style with one of these bitchin’ cat collars from FurButtons.

Dance Magic Dance Cat Collar inspired by Labyrinth

‘Bog of Eternal Stench’ Scented Oil

I’m not sure I want to know what The Bog of Eternal Stench smells like, but for a mere $3.50 you adventurous types can purchase a vial of scented oil from rosemarygrace that smells just like…like…OH WHO CARES WHAT IT SMELLS LIKE, IT’S THE BOG OF ETERNAL STENCH!

Bog of Eternal Stench scented oil inspired by Labyrinth

‘Stupid Baby’ Pin

This hilarious Labyrinth pin by TheCarbonCrusader says it all. Now go say the magic words again.

Funny Pin inspired by Labyrinth

Honorable mention:

In what can only be described as the most majestic work of art I have ever laid eyes upon, “The Goblin King’s Crossing” is a custom oil painting by Unicornatopia of Jareth riding a unicorn, holding aloft his mighty power crystal while familiar Labyrinth dwellers look on with unabashed awe.
"Goblin King's Crossing" Framed Print inspired by Labyrinth