Here’s a film I just discovered that I’m promoting to the top of my must-see watchlist:

It’s called Nerdcore for Life, and it’s an indie documentary about the underground world of nerdcore hip-hop.

Nerdcore For Life

The film premiered at the Wisconsin film festival back in 2008 and has been making the festival rounds, which explains why I’ve never heard of it…’cause, you know, I don’t get out much. And stuff.

But one thing I definitely do is listen to a lot of nerdcore, the Straight Outta Console album by Heath McNease being one of my most recent favorites. I’ve been a fan of the genre ever since I was first introduced to Fett’s Vette by MC Chris (though I’d have to pick The Tussin as my favorite song of his, since it samples one of my favorite Nintendo game soundtracks, Gauntlet).

Here’s a snippet of the synopsis from the film’s website:

Two of the 21st century’s most powerful social forces; Hip-Hop and geek culture collide head-on in the feature-length documentary, Nerdcore For Life. Born on the internet, Nerdcore Hip-Hop is rap music made by geeks, for geeks and covers such traditionally nerdy topics as comic books, video games, sci-fi, anime and technology. This new and fascinating genre is founded on “Do It Yourself” ethics and most Nerdcore rappers create their music on home PCs and disseminate their work for free on the internet.

In all, more than 40 Nerdcore artists and producers from across North America make appearances in Nerdcore For Life, including: MC Plus +, Ytcracker, The Lords of the Rhymes, mc chris, Ultraklystron, Doctor Popular, MC Hawking, Nursehella, Optimus Rhyme, Beefy, MC Router, Zealous1, Jesse Dangerously, mc chris, Shael Riley, Baddd Spellah, MC Lars, Former Fat Boys, High-C, Nomad, The Sucklord, Monzy, Tanuki, Krondor Krew, Maja and Schaffer The Darklord.

And here’s the trailer:


I just ordered a copy of the DVD, since according to the website “there’s only a few dozen copies left” and the price is down to just $12.

Do you listen to nerdcore, and if so who’s your favorite artist? Any recommendations? I’m always down for discovering cool new stuff to listen to.