Not gonna lie–this collection of video game pie charts is filler content. That’s why it’s only mildly amusing. Enjoy!


Maybe things would be different if he were a Level 85 Paladin.

Level 80 Paladin



Clearly this pie chart is about Mario Kart.

You Lose! Good Day Sir



Sad but true.

The Rock Band Effect



I do this too, except afterwards I cry a little on the inside for having wasted two hours of my life.

Level Fail



Fact: 100% of all movies based on video games suck.

Video Game Movies



I’ve choked a bitch for a lot less.

STFU Already



Since when is dying in video games not a legitimate reason?

Reasons I Use Profanities



This is the worst kind of pain.

Reasons I Stopped Playing an RPG



This never gets old.


Pac-Man Pie Chart



Are there really people who don’t know who Pac-Man is?

Never Heard of Pac-Man

Bonus Pie Chart

This one isn’t about video games (unless we’re counting virtual Simon) but I just love it to pieces so I’m posting it anyway.